commonly asked questions

our terms & conditions

ordering your eden

Orders for our edens are to be made at least 2 days in advance to avoid disappointment in us being able to attain any specific flowers requested. For same-day and/or next-day deliveries of our edens, drop us a message at 8198 9292 to enquire.

Seasonal blooms

Although we will do our best to cater to specific requests for orders placed for the aforementioned deliveries, the blooms in your eden will be subjected to what our garden has in stock. Our selection of fresh blooms varies daily with the seasons, occasions and inspiration.

what happens when blooms are out of season?

Ensuring all edens are representative of our endless dedication to place the freshest and most beautiful blooms in your hands remains our top priority. But, as beautiful as all blooms are, they are still seasonal in nature and subjected to availability. Hence, should the main blooms of any order be unavailable, we will work on sourcing and selecting the next best alternative.

Be reassured that all substitutions will only consist of blooms similar or superior in not just the look, but also the value and impression it leaves. Just like how you are uniquely you, every bloom is uniquely their own and so is every eden. The Bloomish Eden will strive to present a consistent style and aesthetic to the original, bringing you beauty in blooms always.

Having said that, we hesitate to promise in delivering exact bouquet replications not just because of the blooms naturally having peculiar shades and tones, but also to allow our Floral Designer and Florists their creative freedom in working with new floral varieties.