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more than flowers

We take pride in the expression of heartfelt connections through our carefully crafted edens.

Just like every element of nature, we are all unique.
At The Bloomish Eden, we curate the coming together of unique souls – nature and humanity alike.

eden (n) : paradise of pristine natural beauty.

At The Bloomish Eden, we buzz hard to live by our philosophy: 
“irregardless, everybody deserves blooms”.

Here, we strive for achieving a state of great happiness through your senses being florally tickled. Flowers, to us, signify many-a-things: joy, comfort and love. And our utmost desire is to spread those warm, fuzzy feelings through our works. That’s why at TBE, we call our floral arrangements ‘eden(s)’

our floral designer

Growing up in a flower-loving household, Michelle started her interactions with blooms very early on. From gifting her loved ones with Love Grass and other flowers growing in shrubs by the road, Michelle never shied away from a creative challenge. 

Now, a good many years later and post-part-time florist, she remains adamant that flowers are her love, and her life. 

Michelle’s love for all things rustic shines through her edens. Some would even say her works pay tribute to a lush garden full of beautiful flowers and foliages. 

When Michelle designs her edens, she brings together the quirky and classics through the coming together of a rustic timeless arrangement with main flowers, filler flowers and foliages.

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