Our Luxe Rainbow

Our Luxe Rainbow


Here’s our luxurious twist on an eden not for the ordinary. Our Luxe Rainbow set in Grande size is the epitome of paying tribute to every colour of any relationship! No one is a plain vanilla and this lush mixture of premium seasonal blooms will guarantee a good mix of reds, pinks, yellows, blues & purples florals amongst lovely foliage. Choosing Our Luxe Rainbow is your choice of all things premium and in season and uniquely its own with every eden. Very much like your loved one you’re gifting this to, we are sure!

Being part of our Old & Gold Collection, filler flowers and foliages will be left to the creative discretion of our florists to pick the seasonal bests for you. But should you have any preferences on omitting certain colours or types of filler flowers and foliages, drop us a message at 8198 9292 upon checkout with your order number and preferences.

(psst…do place your order at least 3 working days in advance to avoid disappointment as much as possible with the variety that goes into this eden)

*pictures are for reference purposes only. like you, all blooms are unique and seasonal. kindly refer to our ordering policy and seasonal availability of flowers for more information.

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