Nurulain Rafiel MK

March 22, 2019 0 Comments

I got to know about The Bloomish Eden during a random search on “bridal bouquet” in Instagram. When I dropped a text to the company, Michelle responded pretty quickly. I told Michelle about my outfits and my budget. I also sent her an example of the bridal bouquet which i would like to have.
I was really (and still am!) impressed with Michelle’s professionalism. Unlike other florists, she explained to me about the flowers and gave feedbacks about them (whether they are suitable for Singapore’s humid weather, etc). Michelle also told me that she intends to add some additional colours to complement my outfit (which i happily agreed to!).
When i received the bouquet from Michelle, i was lost for words. It was just so beautiful and magical! It’s like i could feel Michelle’s sincerity in doing the bouquet for me! Everything in the bouquet was artfully arranged. And almost all of my guests asked me about the gorgeous bouquet.
To Michelle, i wish you lots of success and fulfillment in this business of yours!